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The range of digital services is increasing

by endroar

Keeping in mind the needs of the customers, we are offering special discounts and cashbacks in various shopping areas to make the Eid festival more enjoyable. Buy one get one/two/three facilities along with exclusive dining offers at top restaurants for Iftar and Sahri.

Credit cards not only ensure safe and hassle-free transactions, but also benefit customers through rewards points, cashback, discounts, etc. Apart from this, travel options include low-cost hotel and ticket bookings, complimentary access to international airport lounges, priority boarding and airport pick and drop.

The government has already taken numerous steps like Bangla QR, National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB), Digital Financial Service (DFS) policy to promote digital channel based transactions. Apart from this, banks are providing important guidance in organizing various workshops to ensure financial literacy among citizens of all levels of the country. As a result of these combined efforts, as banks are investing in the implementation of applicable policies for the protection of customer information and money, the customer is also informed about the security of his information and money, as a result of which the scope of digital financial services, the number of customers and the financial security of the customer are constantly increasing.


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