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The precautions to follow in food during summer Eid

by endroar
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There will be various kinds of delicious food on the table on the day of Eid. Polao, Biryani, Kopta, Bhuna-Vaja, Sweets and what more! But with the forecast of the weather, you have to eat with a little understanding in this summer. Because body temperature increases in summer, as a result various problems occur in the stomach. Due to which flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery etc. may occur during this time. Therefore, excess oily food and open juices and water should be avoided. Besides, liquid food and pure water should be eaten more. At this time, let's know some foods that will help you stay healthy.

Seasonal fruit syrup: On Eid, many eat gourmet food and then consume purchased juices, soft drinks, energy drinks. It is not healthy. Instead, you can have home-made syrups of various seasonal fruits. Various infections and viral problems occur during this summer, which can be prevented by seasonal fruits or fruit syrups. Fruit syrup will also help to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating, dehydration. You can eat syrup of watermelon, bell, sugarcane, guava, lemon etc. However, diabetic patients should not consume too much sweetened fruit juice.

Assorted Salads: Vegetables are not eaten enough during Eid. As a result, fiber deficiency occurs. It can fill the salad. It is also easy to make. Having a different salad with every meal will help you get rid of dehydration this summer, besides filling up the fiber deficiency. So put salad on the table with Shahi or Mughal food. You can have cucumber, tomato, papaya or carrot salad. You can add curd, raita, mint, boiled meat to it to bring extra taste.


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