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The police do not know who the accused are

by endroar
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Narrative of the accident by the sailor

The marine police interrogated the crew of the tourist boat involved in the accident. The name of the sailor is Nahid Mia. For a long time he ran a boat in the Meghna. Nahid told police and media workers that there were 18 passengers in the boat. The wandering in the river was also over. Bhairav ​​was returning to the edge. Then the time of Iftar is approaching. The bulkhead hit hard from behind while crossing pole number 4 of Syed Nazrul Islam road bridge on Meghna river. There's a bulkhead near the rear, unnoticed. As a result, there was no chance to be careful. The boat overturned due to the impact. Nahid himself fell into the water. There was a ferry boat nearby. The boat comes forward. The sailor himself helped to rescue the two.

Local people said that there are two railway and one road bridge along Meghna River. Bhairav ​​Thanh, surrounded by three bridges, receives a large number of visitors every day. There are several tourist boats at the wharf. Every day many people travel in Meghna river by boat. The number of tourists increases especially on Fridays. 18 people boarded a boat at around 5:30 last Friday afternoon. Nine people died when the boat capsized after being hit by a bulkhead around 6pm.

The deceased were identified as constable Sohail Rana, his wife Moushumi Begum (25), their seven-year-old daughter Eva Begum, four-year-old son Raisul Islam, Belon Chandra Dey (40), Belon's brother-in-law's wife Rupa Dey (26), Sambandhi's daughter Araddha. (11), daughter of college student Anika Begum of Darigaon village in Belab upazila of Narsingdi and Surbana Begum (20), daughter of Swapan Mia of Kamalpur area of ​​Bhairab town.


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