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The police are investigating how so many buses got burnt

by endroar

50 yards next to the garage is Khokon Mia's tea shop. He said in Prothom Alo, a garage was built here four months ago. Four or five drivers, security guards and masons used to come to his shop for tea. They would go away after having tea. Seeing smoke coming out of the garage at around 8:30 yesterday night, he went to the front and saw many people crowding there. Fire service vehicles arrived within 15-20 minutes of the fire. But before that, the cars were burnt in the fire.

Meanwhile, the security guard of the garage was not found at the scene of the fire. Police of RAB-10, Demra police station rushed to the spot. Around 12:00 PM, a team from the Crime Scene Investigation Department (CID) of the police visited the spot.

Inspector (Investigation) of Jatrabari Police Station Ohidul Haque Mamun told Prothom Alo, 'There was no casualty in the fire. We did not find the security guard at the spot. But I spoke to him on the phone.' He said that he was praying at the time of the fire. After talking about coming to the scene, he did not come again. Nurul Islam, who introduced himself as the deputy director of the bus, came to the scene and fell ill after seeing the burnt bus. Attempts are being made to know the cause of the fire by talking to him.


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