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Home Business The only double-decker road in the country was built by his hands

The only double-decker road in the country was built by his hands

by endroar
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Knowing this, he expressed his satisfaction and said that he went to Athens in 1960 to study urban planning. There he became close with the Egyptian architect Hassan Fateh. Hasan Fateh used to walk for a long time drawing a spot while making a design. He thought for hours. Why so many thoughts, why so many people?

When asked, the Egyptian architect replied, 'I drew a line. And on the other hand maybe someone's chest is getting torn apart. Someone is being selfish. Planning something requires a lot of thought. What to gain and what to lose from this – that calculation has to be done. Otherwise the future is dark.'

Zia Hussain said, 'Due to development, urbanization, some plants are sacrificed to nature. But no one wants massive destruction. The felled trees should be compensated by replanting them.

Engineer Zia lives with his wife at his house in Chittagong. All his children are outside the country. Among various memories of past glory, he said, 'Once I got a chance to shake hands with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman near the stadium in Chittagong. Mujib's hands were as tender as his heart. Very big hands. The memory of the touch of that hand still moves me.'

Zia Hussain worked in CDA. Worked in Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) for a long time under government instructions. EPZO of Chittagong has also been developed by his hands.

He said, 'I kept the environment in mind in all the works. But there was no political stability in Bangladesh after '75. The administration was not people friendly. The undemocratic system has destroyed everything. There was no thought of the natural environment.'

Zia Hussain's memory has taught us many things. His successors will protect the environment from the destruction of the road that was built by his hands. That hope is not only for a road, but for all the works of the whole country.


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