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The mosque of Barisal is spreading fascination

by endroar

On Wednesday afternoon, Rahat Howladar from Narayanganj was sitting in front of the mosque at Shanbandhano Ghat in Dighi. He came to see the mosque with a friend from Barisal. Rahat said, 'I have never seen such a beautiful and such a big mosque before. Eye-catching beauty. Calm and intimate environment. Everything is planned and done in a blend of aesthetics. It feels great to be here.'

The beauty of the mosque in pink, white, cream and yellow colors is simply wonderful. The fountains in front of the mosque with turquoise and blue colored tiles add a new dimension to the two aesthetics. In front of the entrance of the mosque, under the four domes in the four corners and in prominent places, the calligraphy of the Holy Quran is adorned. Around the central dome in the middle is the calligraphy of Sura ar Rahman. Decorated with beautiful doors, precious chandeliers, ceramics, glass, marble and granite stones, the mosque will enchant anyone entering.


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