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Home Business The market has 60 roads and 4000 shops

The market has 60 roads and 4000 shops

by endroar
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Every corner of the Grand Bazaar is a story. The old shops are decorated with hand-painted antique tiles. Maroon and yellow colors on the walls. Old water mills for drinking water, mosques for prayers and food stalls are scattered in different places. It is a self-sufficient market in all aspects.

After a long walk, I sat in a cafe in the market. I ordered Turkish coffee and baklava. There is usually no milk or sugar in the coffee here, and it is also quite hard to eat. Since we are foreigners, they gave us sugar separately. The baklava here is quite famous, so I ordered it with interest. After coming to the table I understood why it is so popular. Anyone who comes here will rediscover the modestly sweet dish. Apart from eating at the cafe, some time was spent observing the movement of people moving around the market.


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