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The Law of Hajj and Sacrifice and the Story of Allah's Favorable Judgment

by endroar
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Surah Ambia and Surah Hajj of the Holy Quran will be recited at the end of Taraweeh today. 17th Para will be read. In this part, the life of the world is temporary, man is the means of creation and Allah is the friend of the believer, the horror of the Day of Judgment, thinking about cosmology, the reasons for sending the Prophets, Hajj, resurrection, sacrifice, Jihad, death, answering the objections of the polytheists, the characteristics of the believer, the power and power of Allah, prayer. , Zakat, Shirk, Idolatry, Fitna of Yajuz-Majuz, Paradise-Hell etc. are discussed.

The story of the Prophets in Surah Ambiya

The 21st Surah Ambiya of the Qur'an was revealed in Mecca. Its verse number is 112. Ambiya is the plural form of the Arabic word 'nabiyoun'. Meaning Prophet or special messenger of Allah. As 18 prophets are discussed in this surah, it is named Surah Ambiya. The 18 Prophets are, Musa (a.s.), Aaron (a.s.), Ibrahim (a.s.), Lut (a.s.), Isaac (a.s.), Jacob (a.s.), Nuh (a.s.), Daoud (a.s.). .), Sulayman (a.s.), Ayyub (a.s.), Ismail (a.s.), Idris (a.s.), Zulkifal (a.s.), Yunus (a.s.), Zakaria (a.s.), Yahya (a.s.) , Jesus (a.s.) and Rasulullah (s.a.w.).

Allah's warning

In the first verse of Taraweeh number 14, Allah warns people about accounting. Allah says in the Holy Qur'an, “The time of reckoning is coming for people but they turn their backs in indifference.” Ummah of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) is the last Ummah. He is the last prophet and messenger. And through the death of people comes the end of life. Every man's death is the end of his life. No matter how long a person lives, his death is not far away. Human reckoning begins only after death. (Tafseer Mareful Qur'an, Page: 871)


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