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The last thing Messi said about retirement

by endroar
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When will Lionel Messi retire?

Messi fans surely don't want to hear this question. The thought that the captain who led Argentina to their third World Cup is no longer playing is enough to shake their minds. But the question arises, because Messi is human. And people grow old, so the talk of retirement also inevitably comes up.

Messi had to answer the eternal question again. This time he was asked the question by the host of MBPC's Big Time Podcast, an Arab media based in Saudi Arabia. At the end of his football career, Messi, who moved to the club Inter Miami of the Major Soccer League in the United States, was a little surprised to hear the question. One of the greatest footballers of all time said he has no intention of quitting football now, 'When I feel like I can no longer perform, enjoy the game or help my teammates, that time will come. I'm very self-critical, I know when I'm playing well, when I'm playing badly. When I feel it's time to take that decision, I will take that decision (retirement) regardless of how old I am.'


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