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The Kremlin is obsessed with 'Putinism'

by endroar

Russia has a long history of authoritarianism, with strong rulers popular in Russia. Ivan the Terrible who ruled Russia in the 16th century, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great who ruled Russia in the 18th century were authoritarian rulers.

Nicholas and Alexander, who ruled Russia in the 19th century, were ousted by the Communist Party—much of the monarchy changed, but the Soviet Union remained authoritarian. General secretaries of the party began to rule Russia in place of the tsars.

The tradition of authoritarian rule has persisted since the fall of the Soviet Union, with the collapse of communism and the establishment of capitalism and 'democracy' in Russia. The latest figure in Russian authoritarianism is Vladimir Putin—who has ruled Russia for two centuries.

Presidential elections were held in Russia in the third week of March. Putin has come to power for a fifth consecutive term, capitalizing on the image of the strong and indomitable character that Russians love.

An authoritarian and Kremlin-centered regime worked for Putin. He won the election by the most landslide victory in post-Soviet Russia, with 87 percent of the vote compared to 4 percent of his nearest rival.

After two years in power, Putin is now comparing himself to Peter the Great in the 18th century. The philosophy of authoritarian rule in Russia under Putin has come to be known as Putinism. Putin's governance philosophy is being exported to the new Asia and Africa.


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