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Home Business The joy of Iftar spread in recipes of women entrepreneurs

The joy of Iftar spread in recipes of women entrepreneurs

by endroar
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He who cooks, also binds his hair—an old saying goes. The truth of this proverb is found in every house now. Overcoming challenges and limitations, women are moving forward to fulfill their dreams. Succeed yourself. Inspiring others. Playing a positive role in family, society and state.

Women are constantly doing various tasks like 'tying hair' in a metaphorical sense, along with cooking. Not only for the family, many women have become independent from their own kitchen. They have developed their contacts through 'Cloud Kitchen' using social media.

Arang Dairy and Prothom have taken a special initiative to highlight the success stories of such self-reliant women-entrepreneurs. There are stories of five women who have gone from hobby cooking to becoming self-reliant entrepreneurs.

Tanzil Ahsan, owner of 'Tanzil Kitchens' said, 'Before 2017, I was a corporate person. After leaving the job for personal reasons, I thought, since I like to cook, why not do a little business with that? What you think is what you do. I started my kitchen. Now I am independent.'


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