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The ideology of liberation war must be understood in the new reality

by endroar

I would like to say a little about my father Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury, Professor of Bengali Department of Dhaka University. When he was martyred during the liberation war, he was only 45 years old. I have read his writings, he has deeply thought about various issues like country, society, culture, urbanization, environment etc. apart from his subject linguistics and literature. Martyred intellectuals had many significant ideas and plans for the future of the country and nation. Due to their untimely removal from the earth, they could not complete their contribution. But it is important to present their work and ideas to the new generation.

If the deeds and ideals of the martyred intellectuals are presented to the new generation, they will get the guidance for nation building and future progress, as well as the inspiration to develop themselves as worthy citizens. In this case, the government may play a major role. But now many qualified institutions have been established at the private level as well. Even if they are diligent, this work will go a long way.

The country should be built together. That will be our best expression of respect to the martyrs of the liberation war.

Tanveer Haider Chowdhury: Son of Martyr Intellectual Professor Mofazzal Haider Chowdhury and Chief Executive Officer of Kazi Foods Industries Limited.


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