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The hope of the liberation war is three generations

by endroar
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Aren't you afraid of allies dying on the battlefield?

We have gone to fight for the country. Our only goal then is freedom. Every freedom fighter was ready to give his life for freedom.

What did you do after returning to the country after independence?

At the end of the liberation war, I went to Calcutta from Agartala. From there I came to Dhaka at the end of December. I first joined my old workplace, the Film and Publications Office. In seventy-two I came from there as a teacher to the Fine Arts College, which is now the Fine Arts Institute.

These teenagers now returned to Warda Ashraf. Asked, why did you come to sing the song of liberation war?

Warda Ashraf said, 'Our generation has not seen the liberation war. But since my childhood, I have known the Liberation War by listening to the songs of the Liberation War, reading poems, and watching plays. I think, the way we have known the liberation war, we need to inform the next generation about the liberation war. Thinking of this, I kept singing the song of the liberation war and the country.'

As he spoke, Warda began to sing with his guitar, 'Blessed with flowers, ours is Bashundhara./ There is one country within her—the best of all countries;—/ And that land made of dreams, surrounded by memories;/ Find such a country somewhere. You will get it, / And the queen of all the countries that is my native land.'

Abul Barak Alvi and students joined him.


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