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The hills become colorful during Biju festival

by endroar
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It is normal to feel the hot sun and heat of Chaitra. But no matter how unfavorable the weather, when the month of Chaitra comes, a different kind of obsession spreads in the mind and body of the hill people. Now the fragrance of many unknown wild flowers is spread around the mountain. This fragrance and various fairs, sports and music are ringing in the hills.

The biggest social festival of the hills creates a bond of mutual unity and brotherhood among all the ethnic groups of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Forgetting the so-called class divisions of the society, the relationship of harmony and trust between all communities is strengthened. There is no religious orthodoxy in this mountain festival. In essence, it is the motivation to move forward with new enthusiasm in the new year by shaking off all the sadness, hatred, and suffering of the old year.

Biju, Sangrai, Baisu, Bihu—symbols of non-communal spirit. This festival creates a bond of harmony among all classes of hills. The spontaneous participation of all hill-Bengalis in the Sampriti procession organized by the cultural institutes of the hill districts is a reminder that this festival is universal, this festival is for harmony, this festival is for everyone.

Just as Payala Baisakh brings out the non-communal spirit in modern Bengal, the Biju Festival of Pahar also brings back the distrust of each other to a new trust. As Biju, Baisu, Sangrai, Paila Baisakh and Eid are at the same time, the whole country is in a festive mood. All over the mountains and plains, everyone's eyes are sparkling with joy.

It is as if the eternal Bengal has truly celebrated a festival of non-communal harmony. May Biju, Sangrai, Baisu, Bihu, Bangla New Year, Eid bring joy and peace to all, that is what we all want.


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