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Home Business The hill is full of shopping in the mood of Eid and Baisabi

The hill is full of shopping in the mood of Eid and Baisabi

by endroar
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Teacher Reshmi Chakma came from Baghaichari with her two children for shopping. He said, clothes are being liked, but the price is high. Children's items in particular have risen in price and gone beyond the budget. But there was no such price even a month ago. The showrooms are also in the same situation.

Owner of Saree, Three-piece and Than cloth store in Khagrachari Bazaar, Inkasha Cloth Store. Shah Alam said, 'I look forward to Baisabi and Eid all year round. Year-round sales are held during these two festivals. Than clothes are selling more than three-pieces. So far the number of hill buyers is high. I hope that the sales of Eid and New Year will increase after the 3rd.

Nasima Akhter, a housewife from Comillatila area of ​​the city, came to Salim market with her children. He said the same thing, 'The price of clothes has increased twice as compared to before but the quality of clothes has not increased. But I am buying new clothes for everyone.'


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