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The heartache of a brave freedom fighter who survived the torture cell

by endroar
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Various information about the torture cell of Wapda Colony in Barisal is available in various books including Sushant Ghosh's Kishore Itihasa in Barisal's Liberation War, Asiatic Society's Liberation War of Barisal, Barishal in Liberation War by Sukumar Biswas and Ekatar's Slaughterhouses and Mass Graves. The information in these books says that the invading forces entered Barisal on 25 April. They entered the city through Steamerghat, Bisik and Charbaria areas. Bengalis were killed indiscriminately on the way. On 29 April, the Pakistanis captured the Wapda Colony of Paobo and chose this relatively deserted area to set up camp. From here the invaders used to raid Jhalkathi, Patuakhali and Bhola. On the western side of the camp, bunkers were built on the banks of the Sagardi canal and armed guards were posted. The invaders set up torture cells in several buildings besides the camp in Wapda Colony. In building number 25, numerous Bengali liberation women and men were captured and massacred, raped and tortured. Every day, Bengalis were brought to torture cells by trucks. In the early morning, they were taken to the bank of Sagardi canal and their bodies were shot dead and floated.
Brave freedom fighter Kabir Bhuluk is still haunted by the painful memories of being tortured in the torture cell of Wapda Colony. He reminisced about those sad days to Prothom Alo.


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