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The government will also fix the price of rice

by endroar

A list of fixed rates of rice is available from the Ministry of Commerce. It can be seen that the government is mainly going to determine the price of coarse and medium rice produced in Boro and Amon seasons. Most rice is available in the country in these two seasons. Aushe is less.

Pricing will be based on caste. For example hybrid Hira, SLH 8 Bri hybrid varieties of rice produced in Boro season will be priced at a maximum of 48 taka 1 paisa per kg. In the meeting of the ministry, the prices have been determined at the level of production, wholesale, wholesale and retail.

Mill owners now market different varieties of rice under their own brand name. Allegedly, different varieties of rice are sold as minikets with some trimmings. The price of this narrow rice which is popular in the market is also high. Different companies sell this rice in different packages. They raise prices. Therefore, the initiative of selling rice by caste-based names was already being talked about excluding these names.

The question is, whether the price of rice will be fixed, there will be thin rice or not. Among the 15 varieties of rice that have been mentioned so far, Nazirshail, Jirashail and various narrow rices are not included.

When Agriculture Secretary Wahida Akhtar was asked over the phone last night whether narrow rice will be in the list, she said, 'It cannot be said now. But the Ministry of Commerce will give the surprise in time.'

When Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh was contacted yesterday to understand the whole issue of fixing the price of rice, he said that there is another meeting in this regard in the Ministry of Agriculture on April 3. He hopes that everything will come up from there.


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