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The fate of a gardener

by endroar

They went to the garden and saw a terrible situation. Seeing that, they said, 'It seems that we have gone to another garden by mistake. This is not our garden.' Their brother, who was sympathetic to the poor, said, 'I told you, do not disobey God. The desire to deprive beggars is nothing but a consequence of pride. There is still time, repent from sin.'

They repented and asked Allah for forgiveness and said, 'O our Lord! We glorify you. You are mighty. Please forgive us. We have transgressed. If we don't forgive, we have no choice.'

The Holy Qur'an says, 'I will test them as I tested the gardeners when they swore that they would bring forth the fruit of the garden in the morning without exception (insha'Allah). So while they slept, a disaster from your Lord struck that garden, causing it to burn and become black as the darkness of night. In the morning they called each other and said, if you want to pick fruit, go to the garden early in the morning. Then they kept on whispering that no poor person could come to you in the garden today.


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