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The family wants justice for the killers of Forest Officer Sajjaduzzaman

by endroar

Shahjahan said, 'Sajjaduzzaman used to call me every night during Sahri during the month of Ramadan. His mother used to talk to me a lot. Run the family. He used to pay for his mother's treatment. The last talk was on Friday. I told about his mother's treatment. He said not to worry. Will send the money as soon as the salary is received at the end of the month. There was no more talk on Saturday. That day, the call came at the time of Sahri, it was informed that Sajjaduzzaman is no more. Matikhekora killed him.'

Sajjaduzzaman married Mumtahena Sumi of Bandar area of ​​Narayanganj two and a half years ago. The couple has a 9-month-old daughter named Mabir Shah. Since the death of Sajjaduzzaman, Sumi has been very speechless. Sajjaduzzaman's elder brother Kamruzzaman said that he has not come in front of anyone for two days.
Kamruzzaman said, 'Sajjaduzzaman was philanthropic from childhood. Injustice could not be accepted. If someone called in danger, be it night or day, he would run immediately. As far as I have heard from the colleague who was with Sajjaduzzaman on the day of the incident, on the news of cutting the mountain, they immediately went to the scene with that colleague on a motorcycle. The colleague said to go with the force. Sajjaduzzaman said, first they will go and see the situation, then take necessary measures.


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