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The essence of Surah Yasin

by endroar
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The creation, arrangement and order of the universe is incredibly subtle and perfect. Examples of this are countless. Doomsday will come at a time when people are busy with daily life like shopping in the market. Only the living can benefit from the Qur'an.

God mentions two blasts of the trumpet: at the first blast the whole world will tremble, everything will be destroyed and everyone will die except those whom God wills.

Allah says, 'And on the Day when the Trumpet will be blown, all the heavens and the earth will be terrified, except those whom Allah wills, and all will come to Him humbled. And (on the Day of Resurrection) the trumpet will be blown, then everyone in the heavens and the earth except those whom Allah wills.'

This Surah contains the authenticity of Muhammad (pbuh) as a Messenger and the purpose of sending him. All actions and effects of human actions are written in it. Many in the past have rejected even the apostles, but the resurrection and judgment are inevitable. Allah has fixed the orbits and latitudes for the moon and the sun for the benefit of mankind. Doomsday will occur with a loud noise.

At the second blowing of the trumpet, people will be resurrected. The deeds of man's worldly life will be judged justly. On that day the sinners will be separated from the righteous. Because people were warned about Satan in the world. Even the limbs of sinners will testify against them on that day.


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