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The elevator market is growing, the share of domestic companies is increasing

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Dependence on imports is decreasing

At present, 15 to 20 percent of the demand for elevators is manufactured in the country. Domestic companies have created this position in just five years. This share is increasing every year; As a result, import dependence has started to decrease.

People related to the market said that currently more than two hundred companies import elevators in the country. However, the number of companies providing elevator import, marketing and after-sales service in compliance with all regulations is not more than 10. These organizations include Mann Bangladesh, Tasinco, Energy Pack, Euro Lift BD, Creative Engineers etc. They mainly import and sell elevators from China, Korea, USA and European countries.

The two domestically registered companies producing elevators are Walton and Pran-RFL Group. In 2019, Walton, the leading domestic company in the electronic sector, started the commercial production of elevators. Currently, the company is manufacturing elevators with a capacity of 300 kg to 5000 kg.

Walton officials said, keeping in mind the safety of customers, about 15 safety devices have been added to Walton's elevators. Apart from this, there are after-sales service opportunities across the country.

Apart from this, Pran-RFL Group has been importing elevators for more than three decades. They set up an elevator assembly and manufacturing plant in 2020. Currently Pran-RFL Group is marketing the lift under the brand name 'Property Lift'. Officials of the company said that they are making advanced technology elevators according to the needs of the customers.

Apart from this, some local companies are making and selling elevators by adding equipment to various workshops in the country. Businessmen say that as the infrastructure development in the country increases, especially the construction of large buildings, the use of elevators will also increase.


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