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The elephant in the room

by endroar

Landlord says, like marriage counselling. Many marriages are breaking up these days. Ten years, twenty years of marriage do not last. Marriage counseling can be a very good career.

Hearing this, he laughed and said, “It may be.” But the work that I am doing, that also has to be done by someone?

Landlord said with a dry mouth, you know what is a big problem in this job?


You have to change office frequently. Isn't that too much trouble?

He leaned forward and put his hand on the table and said, will you have tea? There is hot water in the flask. Tetley's tea bags in packets.

Letting the landlord drink tea, he said, “You drink tea slowly.” Meanwhile, I am telling the office assistant which file should be kept in which carton. I will finish the work by noon and handover the house in the afternoon.

With this he resumed the suspended work. His assistant quickly put the files in the carton labeled A, B, C. He looked at the computer and kept saying which file would go in which carton.

Work has come a long way. At this time the peon came and said, a lady wants to meet.

He stopped working and looked at the landlord once, then told the peon to come.

After a while a woman entered. Age will be above thirty. Depression in eyes and face. A five-year-old girl is with him. He also looks depressed.

The lady sat and looked at the landlord and hesitated to say anything. Seeing his expression, he said, he can say in front of it. He knows why people come to me.

The lady said, Kara came home last month and took her father. He told me he would come back at night. It's been a month, it still hasn't arrived. His phone is also switched off. Saying this, he wiped his face with the cloth of his sari.

He took out a card from his wallet and handed it to the woman and said, “You can see our office is leaving here.” This will be our new address. It is written by hand. Come to our office after two days. In the meantime we will clean up the office.

The woman said, the girl has not eaten since her father left. doesn't go to school He was about to say something more, his daughter stopped him and said, “Don't eat too, mother.”

The woman kept her face down. After a while he wiped his eyes and lifted the sari.

The landlord put the cup of tea on the table and said to the woman, you say what you have to say now. i'm getting up

Getting up, he said to him, It's going to be like a movie, but I'm telling the truth, your office will be here. Then he said, I have never shown any courage in my life. Let's try this last time. Yes, your office will be here.

He looked ahead. The elephant is standing in the same place on the wall. Staring at him.


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