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The dollar and money crisis has eased somewhat

by endroar

Along with Bangladesh Bank's multi-faceted initiatives, the crisis of US dollars and local currency in the country has reduced somewhat as the banks are also in a cautious position. On the one hand, the price of the dollar has fallen, on the other hand, the supply of money has increased. The information obtained by talking to the concerned officials of various banks.

It can be seen that expatriate income dollar is now available at the price of Tk 114-115, which earlier went up to Tk 120. However, the official price of the dollar is 110 taka, which reduces expatriate income.

On the other hand, the tension that started in the banks with money has already reduced. While some banks have collected deposits at high interest rates, others have not gone that route.

Bank officials said that several factors have played a role in reducing the dollar and money crisis. Among them, imports have fallen due to pressure from the central bank and repatriation and export earnings have increased as the regulator has moved away from its stance on dollar prices. And the main role in reducing the money crisis is the facility of money exchange (swap) against the dollar.

When asked, Mutual Trust Bank MD Syed Mahbubur Rahman said, 'On the one hand, imports have decreased, on the other hand, exports and expatriate income have increased. Due to this, the price of the dollar has decreased. But lately it has started to grow again. It will be clear in the future where the market goes. The central bank provides money in various processes. This increased the supply of money. It has played a role in reducing the heat of the market.'


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