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The demand for apps is high among the youth

by endroar

All the infrastructure needed to make financial services 100% digital in this rapidly advancing technology era is already in place. Plastic cards, contactless cards and QR code-based transactions have recently been added to internet, mobile app and phone banking. As a result, shopping, bill payments, rickshaw fares—no need to touch cash notes for anything. In digital mode, the buyer's money will go to the seller's bank or MFS. Now it is time to introduce and popularize these methods. Only then the country's financial services will become 100% digital.

App-based payments are growing rapidly in financial transactions. Due to the convenience of withdrawing cash from ATM booths through plastic cards, the number of users of plastic cards is naturally high. The lower the need for cash in transactions, the higher the app adoption rate. of apps among young consumers
Demand is high.

As a Shariah-based bank, our credit card operations are on a buy-sell basis. Here the profit is calculated at a simple rate, there is no scope for compounding. As a result, we have discounts on our credit cards throughout the year.

Credit cards have definitely improved the standard of living for the middle class and working class. Be it essential items like medicines, medical expenses and baby food, and even everyday items, these needs can be met on time with the help of credit cards. A low-cost, convenient way to manage credit card borrowers' accounts.

The government has already announced to build a cashless Bangladesh. I applaud the government initiative. According to a statistic, at the beginning of this year, the number of Internet users in Bangladesh was about 7.5 million, and there were about 19 million active mobile connections. It means that the basic infrastructure of cashless transactions is in place in the country. This is also a big success of the government. However, campaigns should be carried out to popularize cashless transaction methods.


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