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Home Business The death of taste in the hunger of fame

The death of taste in the hunger of fame

by endroar
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Many Arbachins are making their debut as Facebook celebrities, killing our tastes; Some of them are good at sarcasm, some are transgressing the boundaries of etiquette and civility while promoting products, some are doing food vlogging in an ugly way; Some are distributing various knowledge without knowing the correct explanation of religion. Children do not stop in this war.

They are also engaged in the battle of stardom. They are ridiculously presenting themselves as minor stars or motivational speakers before they have the knowledge, skills and experience to speak. Many people have come down to easy business by increasing content views using the Facebook platform.

In any way to become a star or to be the center of attraction of Facebook users, some people want to create controversies, create drama, throw mud at each other and become stars overnight.

Exploiting our silence, stupidity and indifference, they rise to the top of fame while we watch. To become a star these days does not require hard work, knowledge and dedication. The path to stardom is clear only if you can shake off your discomfort and boundaries on social media.


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