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The birth of dinosaur-age turtles

by endroar

In the video posted on the X handle, workers can be seen carefully releasing the newborn olive ridley turtles into the sea. There, Supriya said, these are dinosaur-age species of turtles from 200 million years ago. They use 'egg tooth' to break open the egg shell.

In an X post, Supriya wrote, 'It gave me goosebumps to see these Olive Ridley babies from our forest department being taken to Besant Nagar beach in Chennai. They have so many incredible events that will leave you speechless. It takes 45-60 days for them to hatch from the eggs. They dig the sand and take out the head first. They have a membranous yolk sac in their abdomen. The use of these yolk sacs is to keep an eye on the lack of necessary nutrients in their bodies while walking and swimming in the sea.


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