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Home Business The archeological monuments of Banyachang should be preserved

The archeological monuments of Banyachang should be preserved

by endroar
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On the other hand, among the religious buildings temples, Shyambaul Akhara Temple, Chowdhury Para School Adjacent Temple, Maharatnapara Temple, Baneswar Biswas Para Temple, Royer Para Temple and Thakur Para Temple are notable.

Other architectures are the historic Rajbari, Govind Khar Rajbari adjacent to Loknath Raman Bihari School, Maharatna Bari, Bithangal Akhra and the house of geo-tourist Ramnath Biswas. All of them bear the identity of the history and tradition of ancient Bengal. Which helps us to know many unknown things.

Archaeological monuments act as one of the containers and carriers of a nation's history, tradition and culture. Archaeological monuments are playing a unique role in uncovering the history of the thousand-year history and ethnic development of Bangladesh, and the ancient archaeological architectural monuments of Banyachang are no exception.


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