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The 360 ​​year old mosque is as it is now

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The mosque has a very simple structure. There is no minaret. Many multi-storied houses are built on three sides. Only the west side is open. As a result, if you do not stand in front, the mosque is not visible. However, the mosque at 71 Hrishikesh Das Lane in Narinda has a name in the history of Dhaka. The name is 'Hayat Bepari Masjid'. It was founded in 1664.

In the Narinda area of ​​Old Dhaka, there are ancient traditional religious institutions of the people of three religions – Muslims, Hindus, Christians. Narinda's Binat Bibir Mosque, known as Dhaka's first mosque, was established here in 1456. One of the oldest Christian places of worship in Dhaka, 'Church of the Assumption' was built in 1628. Apart from this, the burial ground of Christians has been built near Baldha Garden here. On the same road near the Christian cemetery is the 'Sri Sri Gaudiya Madhav Math' of the Hindu community.

According to the data of Dhaka district of National Information Bureau, this Math was established in 1921 by Sri Siddhant Saraswati Goswami. As a result, these three historical buildings, which are very close, have become a unique symbol of the harmony of all religions in the Narinda area.


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