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That's why MV Abdullah was released in a short time

by endroar
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The Bulgarian ship MV Rouen was rescued without the last ransom before the MV Abdullah. MV Rouen was rescued by the Indian Navy on March 16 by a commando operation. The ship was held hostage for three months. Earlier, the pirates hijacked an Israeli ship but were unsuccessful. The ship was rescued by the International Navy after a day.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia peaked from 2009 to 2012. After 2012, banditry came down to zero. In 2017, two ships were hijacked but rescued. When piracy rates were high, it still took months on average to salvage each ship.

The US-based non-governmental organization One Earth Future Foundation conducted a survey on piracy off the coast of Somalia a decade ago under the 'Oceans Beyond Piracy' project. According to the organization's 'The Economic Cost of Somali Piracy 2012' report, 31 ships were released in 2011 by ransom. Average time to get each ship out is 178 days. In 2012, it took an average of 316 days to ransom eight ships.


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