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Home Business That 'black horse' is now one of the successful heroes of Hindi cinema

That 'black horse' is now one of the successful heroes of Hindi cinema

by endroar
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At this time, Kajol came into Ajay's life. They are seen on the same set. Ajay said about his and Kajol's romance, 'I don't even know when our relationship started. I never offered love to Kajal. Our relationship progressed with time.' But it was heard that Kajol was more attracted by Ajay's eyes. This Bollywood beauty was madly in love with Ajay's eyes. They are now happily living with daughter Nyasa and son Yug.

Ajay is short speaking. Journalists in Mumbai were in a state of confusion when interviewing him. He dislikes giving long interviews to journalists. It looks very ordinary, so at the beginning of the career one has to hear many things. But he did not listen to these words. Amitabh Bachchan called Ajay 'Black Horse'.

Ajay never wanted to be a hero. His mother Veena directed two films. Like her mother, she wanted to get into management. So worked as co-director with Shekhar Kapur. But Keishore has stepped into Bollywood. In 'Pyari Bahena', Mithun acted as Chakraborty's childhood character. Ajay's real name is Vishal Veeru Devgan. According to his mother, he became Ajay from Vishal. Truly Ajay is invincible today. People close to him call him Raju.


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