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Take first aid at home for minor problems during Eid holidays

by endroar
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Since diarrhoea, food poisoning and indigestion are more likely, care should be taken with food intake. Stale or junk food should be eaten less. Many people get sick from eating street food on the way. One should be careful about eating them. It is better to carry dry food on the journey. Take children's food with you. Before feeding, check if it is ok in heat.

  • Drink pure and boiled water. Can be kept with saline. Saline should be taken in case of diarrhoea.

  • Keep antihistamine and paracetamol for cold-cough, fever.

  • A first aid box can be kept for cuts and bruises. Which will include gauze-bandage, band-aid and antiseptic cream. Children should be watched. Keep away from fire or water.

  • Many people may have indigestion or gas problems. For that reason, gas medicine or antacid-like medicine can be kept with it.

  • Those who have motion sickness or motion sickness, need medication with a doctor's advice; For example, you can keep medicine for dizziness or vomiting.

  • Pregnant women should be careful with everything from food to transportation during this time.

  • People who take various medicines regularly for diabetes, high blood pressure or other problems should keep enough medicines in advance.

Amidst the joy of Eid there may be such minor problems. In most cases these are easily solvable. However, it should be remembered that even after taking these basic measures, if someone feels sick, one should take the doctor's advice without delay. Can't be ignored.

Dr. Saif Hussain KhanMedicine Consultant, Popular Diagnostic Centre, Dhanmondi.


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