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Home Business Sylhet is ready to welcome tourists, expect overflowing crowd

Sylhet is ready to welcome tourists, expect overflowing crowd

by endroar
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Speaking to tourism-related businessmen and administration officials, tourists from different parts of the country usually visit Sylhet's tourist centers Jaflong, Mayabi Jharna, Sada Pathar, Bichnakandi, Ratargul, Pantumai, Lalakhal and Tea Gardens. Apart from this, various hills, springs, Shahjalal (Rah.) and Shahparan (Rah.) came to the shrine of Sylhet. Sylhet is thronged with tourists at all times of the year. However, during Eid or holidays, the crowds of tourists accumulate. At this time, apart from other districts, local tourists also visit the tourist centers of Sylhet.

When it rains, the tourist places of Sylhet show their beauty. This is happening now. Amir Ali, a resident of Ratargul village adjacent to Ratargul Reservoir, one of Sylhet's tourist centers, said that the water in Ratargul has increased recently due to several rounds of rain. The vegetation in Ban has appeared with a new form. They are ready to welcome tourists on Eid. The environment inside the forest will fascinate the tourists.


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