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Home Business Sydney's bustling Iftar market

Sydney's bustling Iftar market

by endroar
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In the evening, the crowd started to increase in Lakemba. In the shops here, there is a little more demand for food from Middle Eastern countries including Lebanon, Türkiye, Irani. Dishes here include camel burgers, roti and shish kebabs, Syrian ice cream, moghlai murtabak, the Middle Eastern dessert kunafeh, Indian kebab sharma, Kashmiri tea, Turkish coffee, potato tornado chips, fruit sorbets, etc. There are also Bangladeshi shops, where onion, chickpeas, beguni, ghugni, potato chops, jali kebabs, haleem, various types of besan fried food, chicken fries, jillapi and various sweets are available. Iftar costs 20 to 40 Australian dollars per person, which is 2 to 3 thousand taka in Bangladeshi taka.

Last year around 13 lakh visitors gathered in this festival. The organizers believe that the number of visitors will be more this time. Local Bangladeshi businessman Miraj Hossain provided a food stall at the festival. He said, 'This iftar market in Lakemba is a meeting place of multicultural people. I have prioritized the connectivity of Bangladesh over profiting by doing business here. Besides, I have been able to arrange employment for several students.'


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