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Home Business Sunderban Yatra of Mauals to collect honey

Sunderban Yatra of Mauals to collect honey

by endroar
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Like Habibur Sheikh, Koira's Golkhali, Angtihara, Jorshing, Uttara Bedkashi, Patharkhali, Pallimangal, Mathbari, Baniakhali and many other areas adjacent to the Sundarbans have started entering the Sundarbans from this morning. In the morning, it can be seen on the surface, someone is arranging drums filled with drinking water and containers of honey in the boats of the Mouals tied to the banks of the Shakbaria River adjacent to the Sundarbans of Koira. They are preparing for the Sundarbans journey by keeping a clay stove and necessary bazaars in the front part of the boat. Some are roaming around the forest department office without getting permission. Some are leaving to collect honey in the Sundarbans with permission.

Al-Amin Gain of Pallimangal village said that he is going to Sundarbans with a group of seven members for 14 days after spending about one lakh taka. But this time honey thief gang stole honey from Agam Chak under the cover of hunting fish and crabs from the forest. Therefore, it is not possible to say how the honey will be. If you don't get more honey, the challan will die. Then you have to carry the burden of debt.


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