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Sunday's weekend is like Friday

by endroar
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Ershad imposed military rule on March 24, 1982. And when this decision was made in March 1984, Ershad was still the president and chief martial law administrator. Ershad then announced the upazila election. Amid intense protests against this, the weekend was changed. Even though the upazila election was postponed, the weekend was not changed. Ershad used to take various decisions to divert people's attention. The political parties protested this in a weak voice. Ershad essentially brought about change in the holiday by exploiting religious sentiments. Although there was no demand from any side in this regard.

Another major decision regarding the holiday came on May 29, 1997. On that day, it was said that from May 31 there would be two days of weekend – Friday and Saturday. The government announcement said the two-day holiday would increase efficiency and productivity of workers, reduce fuel costs and reduce pollution from vehicles. However, there was a lot of discussion about this. The opposition BNP openly opposed it. This two-day weekend didn't last long. In 2001, the BNP changed it after coming to power and once again the weekend was kept to one day, Friday.


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