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Sundarbans and Hakaluki Haor can show the way

by endroar

There is no direct yes or no answer to this question. But due to climate change nature is becoming hostile, every season is behaving extreme, it can be said for sure. As time goes on, such dangers will increase. But there is no other way to save us from this hostility except by resorting to our nature.

In cities we see a race to install air conditioners in homes rather than protecting plants and wetlands to reduce heat intensity. Although the temperature inside the house is under control, the heat is increasing in the city as a whole. In the same way we can say that our Sundarbans can be the biggest buffer against cyclones coming from the Bay of Bengal. We saw that with Cyclones Sidor, Aila, Yas and Mahasena.

Similarly, if we can protect the natural diversity and characteristics of the haors, it can reduce the risk not only to the people there, but to people across the country. Because our Hakaluki and Tanguar Hao are wintering bird refuges, reservoirs of biodiversity. At the same time, there is a huge stock of fish. And the hoor around it is the country's rice store. As a result the haors have to be protected by maintaining their natural characteristics.


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