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Home Business Suffering from free sanding

Suffering from free sanding

by endroar
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Like Al Amin in that area. Shajahan Ali, Umar Ali, Abdur Rashid, Hanif Uddin, Abdus Sohrab, Anwarul Islam, Mazum Hossain, Md. The walls and floors of Shaheen Mia and Kena Mia's residence have cracked.

On March 10, local people blocked Jamalpur-Mymensingh highway in Nandina Paschim Bazar area to demand stop sand mining. But even that was of no use. Al Amin Prothom-aloK said, 'Big cracks have appeared in all the rooms and floors. Houses can collapse at any time. For protesting against sand mining, they are threatening us. Sand mining is destroying us.'

Abdus Sohrab is a businessman from Nandina Paschim Bazar area Prothom-aloK said, 'All the family including children are getting sick due to the ear-splitting noise of the dredger. I am in a bad situation. Can't sit indoors for 10 minutes due to noise. Not only that; There are huge cracks in the old houses due to sand lifting.'


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