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Suffering due to non-renovation of dams

by endroar
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Local residents said that on the night of August 23, 2015, a part of Phulbari embankment in Atrai on the banks of Chhota Yamuna river broke and some parts of Mirzapur area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAtrai-Naogaon regional road collapsed. At that time, hundreds of families of 8-10 nearby villages became waterlogged. About 14,000 hectares of cropland in Atrai-Raninagar upazila went under water. After a long time passed, the dam was not repaired.

8-10 villages including Raipur, Dangapara, Phulbari, East Mirapur, Udanpai, Mirapur are flooded during the monsoon due to this part of the dam being broken. In that season, the people of these areas have to travel by boat. Apart from this, due to the broken dam, the local people have to face the problem of commuting to Bhavanipur-Mirzapur haat two days a week on Saturday and Tuesday even during the dry season. Due to non-renovation of the dam, the local farmers are facing hardships to take their agricultural produce to the local market.

In this regard, Mustafizur Rahman, Zillur Rahman, Akbar Ali of Udanpai village said, 'We have requested many times to the local UP chairman, members and other dignitaries of the area to repair the dam. But despite everyone's promises, the dam has not been renovated.


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