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Success in Onion Seed Production in Dinajpur Biral

by endroar

Milan Islam and Colony Kant said that the cost of land cultivation, seeds, planting cost, fertilizer and pesticides, irrigation, pruning, bamboo twine and land rent will be about two lakh per bigha. Expect to get 200 kg of seeds per bigha. If you can sell a minimum of 1.5 thousand rupees per kg of onions, then the seeds will be sold for about 33 lakh rupees. They will gain about 11 lakh taka.

Colony Kant said, 'The quality of the seeds we produce is good. I planted onions in 2 bigha experimental land after preparing seedlings from my own seeds. We want to spread this seed all over the country. If every farmer cultivates onion on his own in a small area, our deficit will reduce a lot.'

Many farmers are coming to see the onion seed crops of Milan Islam and Colony Kant. Some have said to buy onion seeds in advance.

Ershad Molla of Bijora Union said, 'I came to see this onion seed farm after hearing from the agriculture officer. I have also thought of planting onions in the coming days. In this case, I have taken advice from Milon-Colony.'


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