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Studying and testing in Russia is different

by endroar

In 2020, my journey began by receiving a scholarship from the Russian government. I started my graduation studies from 2021 after taking a preparatory course on Russian language and culture for a whole year.

Two things are most important to get this scholarship. First, good results in secondary and higher secondary. Second, a significant reason or interest in studying the subject you want to study in Russia. Apart from this, experience in co-educational programs in schools and colleges is also important. I had already decided to study in Russia. So I was keeping an eye on the Facebook page of Russian House in Dhaka. This is where scholarship notices and updated information on scholarship-related seminars are usually available. From preparing all the necessary documents to applying on the Education in Russia website, they help very well at every step. Then a viva has to be given on a certain day. This viva is most important in getting the scholarship. The chances of getting a scholarship increase if you can clearly explain your life goals and objectives as well as the reason for choosing the subject.


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