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Study experience in China eg

by endroar

In order to apply for the government scholarship of every country, some preparation is required. I made a list of what documents are needed. Such as IELTS certificate, Chinese language proficiency certificate, co-educational experience certificate etc. I did both IELTS and HSK courses. I have done a Chinese language course from the Confucius Institute of Dhaka University. I passed HSK level 4 from there. It took me almost a year and a half to prepare this.

Let us know that there are basically two types of Chinese scholarships. In Bangladesh, the application can be made through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or apply directly for the scholarship offered by the Chinese government. The process is pretty much the same in both cases. However, if you apply through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, you have to submit hard copies of all certificates. First passers are called for viva.

The experience of studying in China is amazing. Intermingling with foreign friends is an opportunity to understand their culture. Traveling to different provinces. I see students from some countries, they are very hardworking. Bangladeshis also have a distinct reputation as geniuses here.

One of the major advantages of government scholarships is that you don't have to worry about financial resources. No tuition fees. Incidental expenses including housing rent are also borne by the Chinese government. Those who want to come to China on scholarship this year, keep preparing patiently. The application process is a bit complicated, but if you stick with it, you will surely succeed.


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