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Stop using chemicals to protect public health

by endroar

People are now worried about the unbearable price increase of daily commodities. It can be said that the thought of adulterated food, giving chemicals as a result has been left behind. As a result, the campaign against food adulteration is not very visible. It is not a new phenomenon that during the month of Ramadan the demand for many food products increases, so does the trend of adulteration or application of chemicals. As we can see in case of pineapple cultivation in Madhupur of Tangail. There have been allegations of excessive application of chemicals against the farmers.

It is very sad and disappointing to hear such allegations against the farmer. The traditional moral position of the farmers towards the soil, life and people, where did it survive? But in this country where everything is collapsing, why should the farmers stay behind! Due to which demand increases in the month of Ramadan, they are ripening the Jaldugi pineapple by applying chemicals before the season to catch its market. But after about three months, this pineapple is supposed to come to the market.


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