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Stalks are hanging all over the city

by endroar
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Bangabandhu Krishi Medal awarded farmer lives in Mahishbathan area of ​​the city. Moniruzzaman. In his house there are two big trees. The trees have climbed up to the roof of the one-story house. He said that eight years ago his father buried the sajjan dal in the ground. Since then, Shajana has been giving it. They can eat fruits from this tree throughout the year even outside the season. Fenugreek is also eaten at various times. It comes in such quantities that you can eat it yourself and give it to your relatives.

Md. Moniruzzaman also said that there are sorghum trees all over the city of Rajshahi. But it is gradually decreasing. Tall buildings are rising all around.

Mizan's turn of the city, through Jahazhaghat to Phultala Ghat, on the roads, house by house are trees. This time the yield is also higher. Azim Uddin, a resident of this area, said that there are a lot of sorghum plants in these areas of the Padma river embankment in the city. There were not so many trees before, they have grown a lot in a few years.


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