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Home Business Shibir and Hizb ut Tahrir are running activities in Buet

Shibir and Hizb ut Tahrir are running activities in Buet

by endroar
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Tanveer Mahmud said, 'If someone goes to express his opinion on our behalf in BUET's internal Facebook groups, he has to suffer bullying and various threats. Many people have to accept sarcasm because of good relationship or acquaintance with us Personal attacks on anyone who has family or personal association with any political person, especially those who support the spirit of liberation war or Awami League; Indecent comments are also made about the family online and offline.' He said, 'It is time to think about who and whose fuel these things are happening against the few boys like us who believe in the spirit of the liberation war. A fundamentalist group is trying to achieve their own interests by making us guilty by lying.'

In the press conference, another BUET student Ashiq Alam highlighted some incidents regarding the activities of banned organizations in the campus He said, some campus incidents and attacks on us one after the other prove that Hizb ut tahrir is now openly carrying out its activities in BUET campus without student politics. This banned organization pursues their interests with a passion of common students A very bad incident happened with Abrar's Fahad Bhai in Buet We strongly condemn this incident But Hizb ut Tahrir and Shibir are openly campaigning by capitalizing on this sentiment of common students. He said that anyone who speaks for the forces of the liberation war is being repeatedly tortured with the tag of Chhatra League. Although there are many students who want to attend with us, they are unable to come due to fear and threats 20-25 more people want to come here but they are being intimidated and threatened


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