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Home Business Shariful Raj is 'dead' to me: Parimony

Shariful Raj is 'dead' to me: Parimony

by endroar
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When asked about the 'single mother' journey, Pari said, 'I am enjoying this trip very much. I think I can raise my son very well by myself. If the relationship was there, there would have been more obstacles in his way of growing up. Actually my son understands me, listens to me. Very mixed.'
Pari said openly about his controversial and critical side, 'Actually, people misunderstand me. Whatever is written about me, I get confused myself, it's a mystery! I get so much weird information about me, I wonder what it says about me? Not only that, there are misconceptions about me. That is, I am a shooting fan. People say about her personal life, Parimani has many lovers, many sons-in-law. But I want to know, where are they? I think there is a need to talk more about controversial issues. I have spoken to my lawyer, I will identify those who are giving wrong information about me and take legal action.'


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