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Scenic village near Dhaka

by endroar
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To the west of the field, there was a forest surrounded by thick trees. A line from Ravi Tagore's poem, 'Give back the forest, take it to the city', is written on the arch of the narrow road at the entrance to the forest. Ahmed Hasan, a businessman from Motijheel in Dhaka and his wife Naina Akhter, were playing with the seven-year-old child Tanveer Hasan on the side of the nearby lake. He said that he lives in Dhaka for work. If you get a chance, visit the village house in Bikrampur. And if you can't go to the village, come to Zinda Park. Ahmad Hasan said, 'What we mean by park, it is more than that. Here is the touch of the earth.'
A total of five water bodies were seen around Zinda Park surrounded by water bodies from three sides. Apart from this, we saw lotus ponds, ponds built in the middle of ponds, artificial islands, round libraries of exceptional structures, mud houses, mosques, canteens, tree-houses made of tree trunks, open fields and thousands of known and unknown trees.
Entrepreneurs say that there are more than 25 thousand plants of 250 species in Zinda Park. Thousands of birds, insects, reptiles and other animals live around them. Through this they want to create patterns of coexistence of all living beings.


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