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Satkahan of Modi's astonishing rise

by endroar
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Modi was the first to understand the theory of full state power in running the country. As a result, there is not a single institution in the country at the moment, which is run by its own will. Organizations like Enforcement Directorate (ED), CBI, Income Tax Department, National Investigation Agency (NIA), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) are now 'caged parrots' in the eyes of the opposition! The Supreme Court is the only obstacle.

That is the only hope and hope of the opposition. There is no end to Modi government's efforts to gain full power there. The government is desperate to be a partner in the appointment of judges. How long the judiciary can fight this battle, how long it can maintain its independent and neutral character, many circles are full of doubts.

As Modi knows, political authority becomes unquestionable only when every state apparatus becomes a loyal servant. State institutions lose their identity and become the face of the leader. Narendra Modi is celebrating that unquestionable success as Prime Minister. The way the Election Commission was legislated to ax the election commission, and the role of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was removed from the process of nomination of the members of the commission, it is the latest example of establishing absolute dominance.

He can show this arrogance and authority only for the welfare of democracy. An absolute majority rule in Parliament. But he abandoned democracy step by step in his ascension to the top of power. In the eyes of the international world today his country is known as 'elected dictatorship'. He did not fail to try to establish a dictatorship. Chanakya shocked everyone by effective implementation of 'Sam Dam Danda Bheda' policy. Dissent is the poison of his eyes. Be it inside or outside the party. There are countless examples of how he calmed down the opposition in the application of that policy.


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