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Home Business Sana family's Eid joy is limitless with Roman-Dia

Sana family's Eid joy is limitless with Roman-Dia

by endroar
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The house in Rupsa area of ​​Khulna is crowded at the moment. This time, Eid-ul-Fitr happiness has come with a different atmosphere in the house of Abdul Gafur Sana. Son Roman got married to Sana last year in July. This is the first time Bouma Dia Siddiqui will celebrate Eid with everyone at her home. Abdul Ghafoor Sana's Eid joy with his son, son's wife and relatives has no limit as if this time.

Roman-Dia gave the successful result of a long love affair on July 5 last year. The wedding ceremony was completed at Nilphamari, Diya's birthplace. As such, this is the first occasion of Eid in Roman-Dia's married life after marriage. The first Eid of married life is nothing different for Roman Sana, 'Everybody remembers the first Eid after marriage. I will never forget either. I came to Khulna with Diya. Many relatives have come to the house. A different feeling, I can't explain.'


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