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Home Business Saeed in the service of people, along with his two-year-old son

Saeed in the service of people, along with his two-year-old son

by endroar
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Like every year, since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, Saeed Rimon has been standing by the poor, helpless and poor people with the slogan of 'Working for people, standing by people'. About six years ago, he distributed iftar material among only 10 families on his own initiative. His well-wishers expressed interest in joining this initiative after sharing that photo on social media Facebook. He believes that everything is possible if you want it together.

Saeed Rimon told Prothom Alo on Friday that he is trying to stand by the poor people and arrange Sahri-Iftari. If this effort could have been continued by all together, the suffering of many poor people would have been eased.

Saeed Rimon has helped many. Abdul Khalek does not have two legs, one hand. His wife is also suffering from blood cancer. It is as if he has no choice but to reach out to people. It is not possible for him to procure daily food and medicine. They got help from Saeed Rimon. Jamila Khatun (80) is as helpless as Abdul Khalek. It is difficult for him to get two handfuls of food at this age. He also got the help of Saeed Rimon. Saeed sometimes cooks and distributes khichuri or tehari. Sometimes he distributes packets of daily essential food items including millet, gram, chira, sugar, oil, pulses among the helpless people.


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