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Home Business Rubel, a member of UP, has become very popular

Rubel, a member of UP, has become very popular

by endroar
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Going to that house at 9 o'clock this morning, it was seen that hundreds of men and women and people from different villages around went to that house and comforted the family. Local dignitaries including UP Chairman Abdullah Ibn Raheez Mithu appeared at that house. Rubel's wife Khadija Akhter and uncle Abu Hanifa were shouting, “What did Rubel do, for which he should be killed like this?” At this time, everyone present burst into tears.

Rubel's wife Khadija Akhter said, 'Where will I go now with two stupid children? How will the family? I want those who orphaned her two children aged one and a half and four years and made me a widow to be hanged.'

Rubel's uncle Abu Hanifa told Prothom Alo that Rubel was the accused in the murder case of the son of a local brave freedom fighter. Rubel went to court to appear in that case. Former member of Ward No. 8 Rashid Mia and his worker Hazrat Mia were in the court at that time. They were the ones who informed the killers about returning home on their own motorcycle.


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